New England Caravan Park

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Welcome to New England Caravan Park: A Historic Retreat

Discover a historic retreat nestled in the heart of the North West at New England Caravan Park. Situated amidst the enchanting Lake District and captivating Yorkshire and Cumbria Moors, our park seamlessly blends history with natural beauty.

Explore Rich Heritage: Limestone Quarry and Fossil-Rich Grounds

Embark on a journey through our rich heritage, featuring a limestone quarry and fossil-rich grounds. Delve into the past to discover the geological treasure trove, a testament to an ancient underwater eruption millions of years ago.

Remnants of History: Old Wigan Coal and Iron Company Era

The site, once an active limestone quarry operated by the old Wigan Coal and Iron Company from 1793 to 1913, still holds remnants of that era. Explore relics and weapons dating back to the Jacobean Wars as you immerse yourself in history.

Convenient Location: Accessible Scenic Beauty

Conveniently located three miles northwest of Carnforth, nine miles from Lancaster & Morecambe, and four miles from the M6 motorway, our park provides easy access to explore the region’s scenic beauty. Enjoy a picturesque setting along the banks of the Lancaster – Kendal canal.

Nature’s Return: 20 Acres of Natural Splendor

Covering over 20 acres, our site has carefully returned to its natural state. It’s enveloped by dense foliage that conceals the quarry workings and enhances the visible limestone’s character.

Spacious Caravan Pitches: Comfort Amidst Nature

At New England Caravan Park, spacious caravan pitches with gardens, lawns, and private parking await you. All vans benefit from mains water, drainage, and electrical services.

Gateway to the Breathtaking Lake District: An Idyllic Adventure

Serve as a gateway to the breathtaking Lake District, our idyllic park invites visitors to embark on an unforgettable adventure. With a prime location, New England Caravan Park offers an ideal starting point to explore the pristine lakes, rolling hills, and charming villages defining the Lake District’s allure.

Outdoor Haven: Boundless Wonders of the Lake District

Whether you seek leisurely strolls along tranquil shores or heart-pounding outdoor pursuits, our park provides a haven for all who appreciate the great outdoors. Discover the boundless wonders of the Lake District from the comfort of New England Caravan Park.